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Student Services
Student Services


Great educational programs are only part of the picture at Central Community College.  We also offer the services you need to help you make a smooth start and to make college the quality experience you want.

Heading to classes

Accounting Classes

Career goals

Our counselors can help you measure your interests, skills and aptitudes, and you can take a career exploration class to help you check out your options, set goals and develop a plan for reaching your goals.


We encourage you to make an appointment with the campus admissions office when you decide to apply for admission. Our counselors will be able to help you plan your course of study and provide the information you need to prepare for college.

Auto Body Classes

Biology Classes

Housing offices

The college offers housing on the Columbus and Hastings campuses. Housing is available on the Grand Island Campus in a privately owned apartment complex. Contact the student services office on the campus you plan to attend for more information.


Career and Employment Services

     Our Career and Employment Services office can help you find part-time work while you’re in college and can assist with your search for full-time work as a graduation approaches.

     The college also offers an employment search and interview course that shows you where to find job opportunities, how to write a resume and cover letter, and how to make the best impression during job interviews.

Electronic Classes


TRIO provides assistance


The TRiO program offers a variety of special services to qualified students.

Contact the TRIO coordinator on the CCC campus you plan to attend to learn more about qualifying for these services. Call toll-free to all locations at 1-877-222-0780 and ask for the TRiO office.