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Computer Club




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The Computer Repair Club provides opportunities for students working in computer repair and networking for leadership, service to community, and social activity


Current Activities

  • NAN0 Lan Party
  • Chili Feed
  • Computer Raffle
  • Repair Services

Open to ALL students, regardless of major or skill level! 



Open to all students with an interest in the field of computers and networking. You don't have to be a computer major to join, and we charge no membership fee!

Group Activities:

Provide computer and network opportunities for students who can benefit from exploring the multitude of career options available in the various computer related occupations.


  1. Members receive financial support for certification testing
  2. Great opportunity to learn and grow in your understanding of computers
  3. A great opportunity to share and communicate with others interested in computer sciences








Dan Rumsey
(402) 562-1427

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Last Updated on Monday, 17 September 2012 14:24