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Theatre Department


Course Descriptions

(Note: Not all courses are offered each semester. Check current college publications, or contact the Theatre Department for details.)




THEA 1010 Introduction to Theater                                             3

An introduction to the forms and functions of the dramatic arts within an historical perspective. Includes an introduction to basic theatre skills as well as an introduction to a range of dra­matic literature. Unit Credits: 1-1, 2-1, 3-1. (45/0/0/0) (Now also available online!)


THEA 1020 Introduction to Film                                                   3                          

       This course examines the art of film; how it is made, what are its components and what makes it unique from any other form of human expression.  It will also explore aspects of film history, various techniques used by film-makers and why film is important in our society. (45/0/0/0)

THEA 1710 Play Production                                                          1

Participate in acting, creating sets, or other crew work on at least one college theater production. The course may be repeat­ed for a maximum of four hours credit. (0/30/0/0)

THEA 1730 Acting I                                                                          3

Theory and practice of acting, including practical exercises, pantomimes, improvisations, and scenes. Emphasis is placed upon the study of technique and characterization. (30/30/0/0)

THEA 1800 Stage Technology                                                       3

A shop and crew course in designing, building, painting, handling, and lighting stage scenery; organization and operation of production crews; and care and use of hand and power tools. (30/30/0/0)

THEA 1810 Theatrical Make-Up                                                   3
The study and application of visual aesthetics in theatrical makeup, including the fundamentals of stage makeup, character makeup, corrective techniques, beards, mustaches, and three- dimensional makeup.  (45/0/0/0)


THEA 2730 Acting II                                                                       3                          

        Building on the skilled developed in Acting I, this class continues to study the theory and practice of acting, including practical exercises, pantomimes, improvisations, and scenes.  Emphasis on characterization, specific styles and genres and character development. Scene work leads to a final scene presented for the public.   (30/30/0/0)



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