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This course is designed to train beginning nursing assistants in how to provide safe, effective and caring service to residents of long-term care facilities. Long-term care is given to people who are unable to completely care for themselves. Most residents are elderly persons; however, there are younger age groups who have some type of disability. Nursing assistants:

  • Provide a safe, clean, homelike environment for the residents.
  • Help residents meet their physical needs and do their daily activities.
  • Help residents meet their emotional and social needs.
  • Serve as the nurses' eyes and ears about the residents' conditions and ability to function.
  • Must have a positive attitude about their job and their facility.

    The classes are taught by qualified instructors who use curriculum approved by Nebraska Health and Human Services System. The text used is the Hartman’s Nursing Assistant Care The Basics along with the workbook. Here is an outline of what students will learn:
  • Unit 1. The Nursing Assistant in Long-Term Care
  • Unit 2. Foundations of Resident Care
  • Unit 3. Understanding Your Residents
  • Unit 4. Body Systems and Related Conditions
  • Unit 5. Confusion, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Unit 6. Personal Care Skills
  • Unit 7. Basic Nursing skills
  • Unit 8. Nutrition and Hydration
  • Unit 9. Rehabilitation and Restorative Care
  • Unit 10. Caring for Yourself
  • Upon completion of the 76-hour course, Central Community College will administer both the written and skills tests required by Public Law 100-203 OBRA. Individuals who successfully complete the testing will be listed on the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Nursing Assistant Registry..
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