Federal Work-Study

This federal program provides part-time jobs for students demonstrating financial need.
Hourly rates must meet or exceed the federal minimum wage. Students must be attending at least half-time and usually work eight to 15 hours a week.

Work-study assignments are typically based on the amount of unmet need, lowest expected family contribution (EFC), date of application and suitability of skills for the position. Final assignment to a Federal Work-Study position requires an interview with the campus work study coordinator and the job supervisor.

The majority of these jobs are performed on campus for the college. Additionally, there are community service jobs that may be located either on- or off-campus.

At least one of these positions is part of the America Reads Challenge, a reading tutoring program for children in grades pre-kindergarten through elementary. Students are encouraged to consider community service work-study jobs whenever possible. Contact the campus financial aid office for further information.


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Written by Tricia Stephens   
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