College Your Way - Getting Started

1. Applying for admission is your first step in starting your college career at CCC

2. Contact a CCC Representative

3. Discuss with your representative the following:

4. Search for classes

 5. Register for classes

  • Work with the contact person in your community
  • Call Phone Central:  877-222-0780 ext. 7412

6. Purchase your textbooks and supplies online

Have your course and section numbers nearby, then select the campus where your course originates and follow the instructions.

Note: select the Hastings campus bookstore to order books for web and video courses.

7. Investigate WebCentral, your personal site for CCC information, including your courses, 
    student accounts, financial aid, access to software, library resources, and much more

8. Paperwork and processes

  • How you'll receive your syllabus and course materials
  • Submitting homework and taking tests
  • Library/Research
  • Students living outside of Central Nebraska
  • Student handbook - you will find this in WebCentral
  • Off-Campus Student Service Guide

9. Keep track of important dates and information

10. You've successfully completed your courses – now what? 

  • Grades - will be posted in WebCentral by 5pm on Monday after the semester ends
  • Transcript request 

Do you best and you'll be successful!  Be sure to watch WebCentral for information about registering for next term!

Written by Diana Watson   
Last Updated on Friday, 09 May 2014 17:22