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The Media Arts program at Central Community College-Hastings is dedicated to providing the educational opportunities, the creative environment and the professional experience necessary for students planning careers in broadcasting, graphic arts, multimedia, photography and video production.    

The program is unique because it merges these fields into one course of study. While concentrating on a specialization, students are exposed to a range of opportunities that allows them to see how other media specialties are integrated into their field of study.

An added benefit to the media arts program is the practical experience each student receives in operating campus radio station KCNT-FM (88.1) radio, completing graphic design projects, working in the Media Arts' video production facility and working on a student-designed-and-managed Web site. This integrated practical experience is invaluable when a student is looking for a job.

Students in the associate of applied science degree complete a common core of study and then select additional courses to specialize in one of the following areas:

  • Broadcasting
  • Graphic Arts
  • Photography
  • Video Production

The diploma gives students the opportunity to develop specific skills in a specialized area.

Certificates provide a minimum of 12 semester-hours of credit concentrated study in one of the following areas:

  • Broadcasting Basic Certificate
  • Graphic Arts Basic Certificate
  • Graphic Design Certificate
  • Multimedia Certificate
  • Photography Certificate
  • Radio Announcing Certificate
  • Radio Production Certificate
  • Video Production Certificate
  • Web Page Design Certificate


For more information about program requirements and course descriptions, please go to our online catalog.

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