Visual Communications

The Visual Communications program is offered at Central Community College-Columbus. It prepares students careers in traditional and digital design and provides two years of study for students who plan to transfer to four-year colleges and universities to complete bachelor’s degrees in the field. Students develop a strong background in traditional art methods as well as digital design concepts. Program options are: 

  • Visual Communications Associate of Applied Science Degree
  • Visual Communications Diploma
  • Business Imaging Certificate
  • Visual Communications Certificate

Portfolio and Graduate Exhibit - Students also complete a course in which they develop a portfolio and multimedia production to present their work competitively in the graphic arts industry. All of the skills they have developed through the program are combined when students plan and present a graduate exhibit.

Graduates enter careers as commercial artists, graphic designers, publishing industry layout and design technicians, advertising designers, and careers involving visual communication in the various media industries.

Please go to our online catalog for information about program requirements and course descriptions.

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