In our technological society, knowledge of mathematics is essential to all college students, regardless of their major field of study. Our mathematics curriculum includes a broad range of courses so you can begin by taking the course appropriate for your level of ability at the time you enter college.

The depth of the CCC mathematics curriculum is sufficient to provide all freshman- and sophomore-level mathematics education needed in a variety of college majors including agriculture, arts and science, business, computer science, education, engineering, psychology and social science.

Students planning to complete bachelor’s degrees in areas such as actuarial science, computer design, mathematics and statistics can complete 18 or more semester-hours of course work in mathematics, providing the foundation for advanced study at four-year colleges and universities.

In addition, the math program includes specialized applied mathematics courses for students enrolled in career and technical education programs and basic math and pre-algebra courses for students who need preparation for college-level math courses.

For information about Mathematics courses at CCC, please go to our online catalog.

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Written by Jim Strayer   
Last Updated on Friday, 02 May 2014 21:17