Apply for Student Loans


The following important consumer information tips relate to your student loan.

    • We may send you information in the mail or via your CCC email account. 
    • Make sure we always have a current address so you don’t miss something important.
    • If making changes to your class schedule, please contact the financial aid office first so we can tell you if this affects your financial aid or student loan status.
    • You must meet our academic requirements to continue receiving loans and other financial aid each semester:
      1.  successfully complete at least 67 percent of the college credits for which you register and
      2.  maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0, which is a “C”.
  • Borrow no more than you will need for the academic year.  Student loan funds may be used for necessities only.
  • If you want enough money to cover your direct educational expenses (tuition, fees, books and supplies), here are some estimates:


$3,900 for two semesters full time.  (12 or more credits)
$2,700 for two semesters three-quarter time.  (9-11 credits)
$1,950 for two semesters half time.  (6-8 credits)


If living in a residence hall also include:
$6,022 for two semesters in a residence hall with a 14-meal plan
$6,504 for two semesters in a residence hall with a 19-meal plan


  • Other variables which may affect costs include your program major, special tools required, summer classes, and the number of credits for which you register.


You must complete each of the following steps correctly in order to receive a loan.

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and provide any requested information from our office.
  2. Complete the Stafford Student Loan Application. For information on the Parent PLUS Application, contact the financial aid office.
  3. Complete the Entrance Loan Counseling.
  4. Make sure you have accepted or rejected your loans on WebCentral.

Your loan cannot be certified by the school until all these steps are finished.

Should you have questions, please contact any of our campus financial aid offices.


Written by Tricia Stephens   
Last Updated on Monday, 28 April 2014 19:54