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Complaint Procedures for Disability Services:


Right of Appeal Procedure for Student Accommodations

In order to directly address complaints specific to disability-related accommodations, the Special Populations Office has adopted an internal right of appeal procedure.  This procedure allows for equitable resolution, within a reasonable time, of complaints by students with disabilities who allege violation(s) of their rights under the ADA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

If the student believes the accommodation(s) provided are not reasonable, the below-listed procedure should be followed.  The goal of the Special Populations Office staff is to accomplish each step as quickly as possible.

1) The student needs to schedule a meeting with the Special Populations Coordinator who evaluated the original accommodation request and discuss the matter.  If an accommodation is related to a specific course, the student’s faculty member may be asked to attend the meeting. The outcomes of the meeting will be made and presented to the student in written format within (5) working days of the meeting by the Special populations Coordinator/Counselor.

2) If the student is not satisfied with the outcome of the meeting, the student should make an appointment to meet with the Associate Dean of Students within ten (10) working days from date of the meeting with the SPC to initiate the formal grievance procedures as outlined by college policy.  See student handbook or college website. 

Written by Kyle Sterner