Requesting Services


Requesting Services


It is the student’s responsibility to initially seek out services.  No one at Central Community College, including the Special Populations staff, is aware of a student’s special needs / disability when they enroll unless the student makes contact with the Special Populations Office.

To Get Started:

Easy 3-Step Process

  1. Contact the Special Populations Office to arrange an intake appointment with the Special Populations Coordinator.
  2. Bring appropriate documentation to the intake meeting.
  3. Meet with counselor to discuss how your disability impacts you in an educational setting, review documentation, and discuss reasonable accommodations. 

*It is recommended that students establish an ongoing relationship with the Special Populations Coordinator/ Counselor, to insure that needs are appropriately met.  The students that tend to be more successful in this academic environment are the ones who utilize all the resources available to them.


·         For more information, please refer to Disability Services Handbook.

Written by Kyle Sterner