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Wind Turbine Construction

The city of Hastings, CCC and Bluestem Energy Solutions have partnered to build a wind turbine at CCC-Hastings.

  • Wind Turbine To Be Built at CCC-Hastings

    Construction is underway at Central Community College-Hastings on a 432-foot, $4 million, 1.7 megawatt commercial-scale wind turbine. The project is a public-private partnership between the city of Hastings, CCC-Hastings and Bluestem Energy Solutions. Some 400-yards of concrete will be laid for the foundation and the turbine will be assembled in December. If the project stays on schedule, the turbine should be operational by January 1, 2017. The turbine will be directly connected into the sub-transmission system of Hastings Utilities and all of the electricity produced at CCC-Hastings will be used locally. An agreement with Bluestem will allow CCC access to the turbine for instructional and training purposes for the wind technology program.

    • Wind Turbine 1 - done
    • Wind Turbine 2 - putting blades on
    • Wind Turbine 3 - blades
    • Wind Turbine 4 - Pole
    • Wind Turbine 11-21
      The dirt has been filled in around the base of the foundation.
    • 11-18 wind turbine 2
      The ring is off and dirt is now ready to be filled in around the base.
    • 11-18 wind turbine 3
      One half of the ring is off, now it's time to remove the other.
    • 11-18 wind turbine 1
      The concrete is dry and the ring is ready to be taken off.
    • Wind Turbine 11-15
      Crews spread the concrete inside the metal ring.
    • Wind Turbine Ring 11-15
      Crews place the metal ring and prepare the inside for concrete to be poured.
    • Wind Turbine Concrete After
      Crews poured 400 yards of concrete to form the foundation where the massive wind turbine will be placed.
    • Wind Turbine Concrete Before
      Crews poured 400 yards of concrete to form the foundation where the massive wind turbine will be placed.
    • Wind Turbine Rebar
      Reinforcement bars, or rebar, have been placed atop the mudding in the eight-foot hole ahead of the pouring of the 400 yards of concrete. Some 45 trucks are expected to begin pouring the concrete on Friday, November 11.
    • 11-4 wind turbine 4
    • 11-4 wind turbine 3
    • 11-4 wind turbine 2
    • 11-4 wind turbine 1
    • Wind Turbine base
      The base of the wind turbine will be held in place by these steel rings. The bolts you see are 10' x 1 1/2 inches. A bolt will be placed in each hole.
    • wind turbine reinforcing bars
      These are the reinforcing bars that will be used as a tension device in the concrete to hold it in compression.
    • Wind Turbine Mudding
      The eight-foot hole now has a three-inch layer of mudding, which is actually concrete that will protect the base if it rains.
    • Wind Turbine hole
      Crews have finished digging an eight-foot deep hole that will soon be filled with 400 yards of concrete. It is estimated that some 45 trucks will pour the concrete starting this weekend.
    • Wind Turbine digging
      Crews are digging a massive hole at CCC-Hastings in preparation for laying 400 yards of concrete. A 432-foot, 1.7 megawatt commercial-scale wind turbine will be constructed over the next few months and if all goes as planned, the turbine should be operational on January 1, 2017.
    • Wind Turbine Ground
    • Wind Turbine Clearing the way