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Industrial Technology

Blue Print Reading, Motor Controls & Relay Logic, Pneumatics and more
  • Do you need to upgrade the skills of your staff? Central Community College offers an extensive list of Industrial Maintenance related courses.  These courses can be offered at the college or on site.  We can customize our training programs to meet your organization’s unique needs and culture.

    Our courses offer convenience, flexibility and relevance. The programs are based on real-world applications and taught by industry experts. In addition, our flexible training ensures that you get exactly what you need, when you need it. 

    • Topics include (but are not limited to): INDT-1
    • Mechanical Systems            
    • Blue Print Reading           
    • Electrical Fundamentals    
    • Motor Controls & Relay Logic     
    • PLC – Programmable Logic Controls
    • Variable Frequency Drives
    • Pneumatics and Electrical Pneumatics