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Bike Share

Welcome to the CCC bike share page! Here you can learn how to check out a bike, review bike safety tips and report needed maintenance.

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska provided funding support for this project.

    3C BrandAs one of the first bike share programs in our communities and at a rural community college, CCC is leading the way for an environmentally sustainable and healthy society. Building safe, healthy and alternative options for transportation benefits our health, wellness and our environment – which benefits us all.

    This is an important pilot program for the region and our communities. With success of the CCC-Columbus and CCC-Grand Island bike share program*, we look forward to expanding the bike share and increasing the number of bikes and stations with potential community and business partners. 

    Walkable and bicycle-friendly regions creates healthier, more equitable and safe communities for our students and for us all.

    So enjoy, and ride often!  

    *Please note that this bike share pilot program is currently at the CCC-Columbus and CCC-Grand Island locations only.

  • The bike share consist of 10 bikes, owned by the college, that any CCC  student or employee can checkout to borrow at CCC-Columbus or CCC-Grand Island, for free. The bikes will be available for checkout any day and year-round (minus in the winter).

    • Return the bike as soon as you are finished, so others can use it – this courtesy is what makes this bike share work.
    • Report any needed repairs or maintenance issues(see contact information below, under "Reporting Bike Issues")
    • Treat the bikes well; keep the bikes clean and in good condition.
    • Obey all traffic and bicycle laws.
    • Know what it means to bike safely, and wear your helmet!

    The app will provide different PINs every time you check in and check out a bike; you can use the app for both Grand Island and Columbus campus. For non-smartphones users on the Grand Island campus, you will receive a personal PIN from the CCC Service Desk in the 100 wing. Keep your PIN private and in a safe place.

    Movatic logo

    google play icon  Apple store icon

    • From the iTunes store or Google Play store, search for, download, and install the Movatic App.
    • Follow the prompts and enter your information to get started. 
    • Press the menu icon in the upper left corner. 
    • Press Private Systems
    • Press button at bottom of screen that reads "Join a Private System."
    • Type in "CCC Bike Share" and click "Continue."
    • Enter your CCC email address and hit submit.
    • Accept the User Agreement and Waiver. Be sure to read this document and understand what responsibility you are accepting and what rights you are giving up.
    • You will receive a verification code in your CCC email inbox that you will have to input into the app. 

    Non-smart phone users at CCC-Grand Island

    Visit the service center in the 100 wing or call 308-398-7999Bring your CCC ID. 

    Complete and sign the form and waiver.

    View/Print Form

    Non-smart phone users can use bike #5. 

    1. Use the Movatic App on your phone to select the bike station you want to rent the bike from. Press ‘Rent a Bike at this Station’.
    2. Choose the key box for the bicycle you want to checkout. The App will give you a PIN code for the selected key box.
    3. You will receive a PIN code for the key box you selected.
    • enterPIN
      Enter your PIN into the keypad of the bike you want to check out and press ‘Enter’.
    • goldslider-down
      Push the gold slider down to open the key box.
    • retrievekey
      Retrieve the key and close the key box. 
    • goldslider-up
      Push the gold slider back up to lock the key box.
    • unlockbike
      Unlock the bike. (Tip: Jiggle the U-lock if the key won’t turn.)
    • remove-u-lock
      Remove the U-lock.
    • u-lock-storage
      Place the U-lock in the storage holes on the back of the bike. 
    • helmet
      Don’t forget to wear your helmet!
      Enjoy your ride and be safe! (Scroll down for some tips on bike safety.)
    • Bike Not in Use
      Secure the bike with the U-lock when not in use.  Remember, you are responsible for returning the bike in the same condition.

    1. From within the Movatic App on your phone, press the icon in the upper right corner to show details of your current rental. Press ‘End Rental’.
    2. You will receive a PIN code for the key box.

    Please return the bike as soon as you are finished with it. If you are going to have the bike more than 24 hours, please let Facilities know (see contact information below).

    • facing-correct-direction
      Park the bike facing the correct direction in the correctly numbered rack.
    • seat here sign
    • u-lock-storage
      Remove the U-lock from the storage holes on the back of the bike.
    • remove-u-lock
      Lock the bike back to the rack with the U-lock.
    • hangupkey
      Enter your PIN to place the key back on the hook in the key box. (See “Checking Out and Using a Bike” above for instructions on using the key box.)
    • goldslider-up
      Push the gold slider back up to lock the key box. 

    All needed repairs or accidents should be reported 

    In the Movatic app

    1. Press the icon in the upper left corner
    2. Report a problem
    3. Select system: CCC Bike Share
    4. Describe the problem and submit


    Enjoy the Columbus, Grand Island, Hastings and Kearney hike and bike trails!

    The Grand Island bike fixit station is located on the trail between Stuhr Museum and Highway 281, halfway between Hall County park and CCC Grand Island.  The fixit station includes all the tools necessary to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance, from changing a flat to adjusting brakes and derailleurs. The tools are securely attached to the stand with stainless steel cables and tamper-proof fasteners. Hanging the bike from the hanger arms allows the pedals and wheels to spin freely while making adjustments.  There is also an air pump station with an air pressure gauge should your tires be running a little low on air.

    Dero Bike Repair Videos

  • Bicyclist or driver?  Bicycle safety is important for us all.

    Learn more about bike safety

  • Contact:

    Benjamin Newton 
    Environmental Sustainability Director